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We provide EPC Training around the globe to Fortune 500 firms and small-scale EPCs.

Let us help you get the competitive advantage you need to win and build projects under budget and ahead of schedule.


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Land owners and project developers demand plans for solar power plants that are high performing, cost effective, and safe.

Many companies entering the solar industry, or moving into the utility-scale solar sector, are struggling to meet these demands.

They lack the in-house solar engineering expertise to develop successful bid strategies and often hire consultants who take their knowledge of the industry with them when they go.

A company that is going to be successful in the solar marketplace must be competent and knowledgeable about planning, designing, and building solar power plants.


Why train with Solvida?


Our team of best in class solar power plant engineers will develop, implement and update a customized training for your engineering team.

Your unique training builds on your team’s core competencies and directly relates them to the current needs of the solar industry.

During the training, we give your team cutting edge strategies and seasoned tactics for designing large-scale photovoltaic systems. 



Training Participants will learn to:

Analysis of current product trends in modules, inverter, plant BOS and labor techniques.

 Techniques and processes aimed to repeatedly build detailed and easily estimated project designs.

Understand the RFP and project bid cycle strategy that will allow you to increase your number of responses without increasing internal resource burn. Maximize your quote’s value to your client.

Planning strategies for rapid and safe deployment of increasingly larger and more complex systems



Feedback from training participants:


“We appreciated the training’s goals and objectives expressed in numbers”

“I liked the real world examples and exercises”

“The flow of materials from one module to the next was well conceived”

“Great detailed comparisons between the top two US solar companies with very different product offerings”

“Able to incorporate learnings from our projects into teachable format in real time.”

“I liked the standard design template strategy”

“The seminar’s timing was well orchestrated. I didn’t feel mentally burned out like in other classes”

“I liked the interactive aspects of the presentations”

“The teacher had a uniform way of thinking about PV System design”

“The Course length was good and the content is immediately applicable”


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