At SEG, we give you actionable advice to develop practical and predictable solar solutions – from products to power plants.


You hire a consultant to achieve a specific goal. You select that consultant based on their level of experience and expertise. And when you bring that expert into your company – you expect them to deliver clear, actionable advice.


At Solvida Energy Group, we pride ourselves on making sure “consultant” doesn’t become a 4 letter word for our clients. We have developed more than 100MW of diverse solar power systems – both commercial and utility-scale.


If you are considering

  • What type of solar technology is right for your project
  • Building a commercial or utility scale solar project
  • Partnering with a technology company
  • Partnering with an EPC company
  • Funding a solar project
  • Entering the solar industry
  • Designing a product for the solar industry
  • Moving within the industry to a different sector

Get in touch with us. When you work with Solvida, our experience becomes your asset.


How it works


Our consulting process begins with our Intake Survey

Here you’ll document your specific consulting needs:

  • Appropriate technology selection
  • New product design/engineering
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Project cost estimating
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Understanding the US market
  • Value engineering


Once we receive your intake survey, we review your needs and follow up with you to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

During the free initial phone consultation, we gather more information on your specific needs.


If we are a good fit, we will develop a unique proposal detailing how we can help meet your goals.


Our proposal structure includes:

  • Project background
  • Identification of scope of work requirement
  • Proposed schedule
  • Fees
  • Expected deliverables


Our consulting relationships range from short term (hourly) to year long assignments and are based on your needs.

We have worked with companies in every area of the solar marketplace. No question is too small or problem too big. We see each encounter as an opportunity to help demystify large scale solar and help company’s find success in the industry.


Our clients are

  • Utilities
  • Module manufacturers
  • EPC firms
  • Financiers
  • Project developers
  • BOS manufacturers
  • Municipal and government entities


We engaged Solvida Energy to help with some of our early efforts on solar projects. Their industry familiarity and understanding of the market issues was instrumental in our planning and acquisition of projects to speed our entry into the solar market.


Jim Mulhern VP Business Development, Henkels & McCoy


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