Project Development



We can make your solar dreams come true.


Our team of experienced consultants understand the risks and complexities of the project development process.


We have over 15 years of experience building projects that:

  • Produce predictable returns on investment
  • Utilize bankable financial strategies, and
  • Are high performing solar power plants


Make our lean, extremely experienced, and effective project development team your solar dream team.


How we ensure you build reliable and cost-effective solar projects


If you are a property owner, land developer, or business owner hoping to build a solar power plant, we help you navigate the process from concept through operational phase.


Not every site is right for solar power.

However, technology improvements and cost reduction means solar can be more widely deployed than ever before.

Solvida will help you understand the nuances affecting proper site selection.

Confirming control over a potential project site is the first step towards developing a viable project.

We help you understand your options when it comes to locking down your site.

Negotiating land use and construction permits is a ever-changing landscape.

We compile all documentation required. And our experts manage the relationships with permitting jurisdictions to maintain schedules and project milestones.

Appropriate technology selection is makes sure you meet – and exceed – you performance and financial goals.

We make sure your technology choices

  • Are viewed as strong assets during your project finance process, and
  • Produce power as expected for its lifetime
We represent your interests through every step of the development process.


First, we make sure we understand your goals – what you hope to gain by developing a solar power project.

Next, we consider those goals within the scope of the industry today to develop short and long term strategies and tactics for making those goals a reality.

Our deliverables range from a detailed cost/benefit analysis of various technology options to PowerPoint presentations aimed at informing your team of your new strategic initiative.

Joint ventures have yielded some of solar’s strongest innovations in the last 5 years.

We love collaboration and are always looking for partners in innovation.

If you have an idea and core competency in your field, and need an experienced and agile solar firm to partner with – give us a call.

Our wide ranging experience, knowledge, and industry connections can give our venture the competitive edge needed to succeed.


Solvida Energy Group is a competent, expert firm in almost all aspects of the new distributed generation multi-MW size solar farms as a developer and/or implementation specialist.


John Barnes Solar Power Development Partners



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