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Solvida is currently engaged in over 1.5 GW of projects worldwide and has participated in 200+ MW of utility scale projects across the globe.

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How Can We Help?

We provide clients new to the solar industry and clients innovating their position within the solar industry with consulting, project development, and training services.


PVsyst is considered the solar simulation software of choice around the globe. The program’s forecast outputs are critical to financing PV solar projects.

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At Solvida, we give you actionable advice to develop practical and predictable solar solutions – from products to power plants.

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Project Development

Our team of experienced consultants understand the risks and complexities of the project development process.

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Run forecast models like the pros in just 12 hours

Solvida has helped the industry’s top developers, EPCs, system integrators, and financiers build investment security through an expansive knowledge of PVsyst software.

This training is a great opportunity for your team to get the training they need – in a relaxed and intimate setting – to fully utilize this powerful tool.

Learn more about how our training can help you meet your organizations PVsyst needs.

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Let’s Work Together to Make Your Solar Dreams Come True

Our team of experienced consultants understand the risks and complexities of the project development process.

We have over 20 years of experience designing and building projects that:

  • Produce predictable returns on investment

  • Utilize bankable financial strategies, and

  • Are high performing solar power plants


Solvida’s industry familiarity and understanding of market issues was crucial in helping us plan for and ultimately acquire a portfolio of utility-scale solar projects.

— Jim Mulhern, Henkels & McCoy


Our Roots

Stephen Smith is a 15-year veteran of the solar industry. He founded Solvida Energy Group, Inc. – a professional services firm catering to the utility scale and large commercial markets – in January 2009.

Stephen’s seasoned expertise and passion for renewable energy contributes to an inspired and practical approach to his business.