Consulting Overview

We provide actionable advice to develop practical and predictable solar solutions—from products to power plants.

Let’s connect if you are considering:

  • What type of solar technology is right for your project

  • Building a commercial or utility-scale solar project

  • Partnering with a technology company

  • Partnering with an EPC company

  • Funding a solar project

  • Entering the solar industry

  • Designing a product for the solar industry

  • Moving within the industry to a different sector


Project Developers

We can support your early stage development efforts with project feasibility analysis, early stage structural and environmental engineering, and financial modeling for project capital costs including BOS costs.

Product Manufacturers

We can help you refine your value proposition and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your product in regional markets and for various market segments.


Our consulting clients are:

  • Utilities

  • Module manufacturers

  • EPC firms

  • Financiers

  • Project developers

  • BOS manufacturers

  • Municipal and government entities


Our services include:

  • Appropriate technology selection

  • New product design/engineering

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Project cost estimating

  • Risk mitigation strategies

  • Sourcing and procurement

  • Understanding the US market

  • Value engineering


Curious about our projects?

Check out our Statement of Qualifications to get a feel for the work we have done with former and current clients.